Saturday, October 30, 2021

 So here it is - the reason I've not been posting much - my latest book just in time for Christmas! Take a look at "EVERY DAY is CHRISTMAS" - stories to warm heart and soul.

I have been writing Christmas stories over the years and when I considered compiling them into a book, I knew I needed to have them illustrated so they might come alive. I am blessed to have Becky Guinn as the illustrator for this book. Not only is she a Christ follower too, she has an extraordinary talent for "seeing" the characters in the story and rendering how they look and feel. 

Becky's artistic talents were challenged when she went into the hospital for surgery in 2002. As a result of an allergic reaction to medication, all four of her limbs were amputated. Through determination, faith, and the support of family and friends, she began painting again with mechanical hands. You can read more of her story in the book. 

Becky Guinn

The book is available on Amazon or directly from me by going to this site where you will find my other books:

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