Saturday, December 5, 2015

Announcing the publication of my first book.  If interested in ordering, you can order directly from me or through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  This book makes a great keepsake or gift.

As a writer, I was encouraged to set up this "blog". I was told I needed to join those who use this medium as a platform if I wanted to be recognized and kept apace with social media. As I contemplated the purpose and meaning of blogging, I thought it primarily a demonstration of acting on the precept that those who blog do it with the belief that everyone is entitled to the bloggers' opinions. So, here I am, jumping onto the blogging board entitling whoever reads this to my opinion.

I am hoping to make it more than just "blowing lots of guff" and that I will post to it if and when I have something I believe those of you so entitled will appreciate. It's a risk, of course, so I will try my best to maintain my self-esteem in the midst of offering my views to those who may respond with various forms of negative responses. As a septuagenarian I have weathered many such responses and my skin is fairly thick or at least gives that appearance with some extra layers of fat I've accumulated over the years.

Thus, if you are a new reader of Fisch Lines, I welcome your visit to my platform and hope you will return or follow this blog.  .